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Day 243

Recycled glass necklace | heart-shaped pendant made from a wine bottle

I did some calculations the other day and it turns out that Day 243 of a 365 day project is about two-thirds of the way through the project (or 66.65% if you prefer decimals). That means today I am over 2/3 of the way through this project!

I spent some time the other day writing about my journey with this project, so I won’t go over it all again today. But today I wanted to mention what I like about an idea.

Everything starts with an idea.

It might be a question that needs to be answered, like “what if I add frit to that bottle, what will happen then?” or “what if I tried x.”

It might be a shape. Like today I have made another heart-shaped bead, but I made the hole run vertically today, instead of horizontally, like yesterday, and I have made an entirely new piece.

It might start with a colour. That colour might be the glass. I might wonder what beads will look beautiful with a particular colour of glass.

Everything starts with an idea. Sometimes, it is hard to find the time to come up with an idea, so I might take an old idea and tweak it a little bit. Sometimes, one idea can spark many new pieces.

What I think is helpful…is taking the time every day to be creative. To always have that on my list of things to do each day is a really lovely push to try something new every day. To see where my ideas take me, and to see what happens when I feel really low on ideas!

Today’s piece is a heart-shaped bead, inspired by my conversations on Saturday about heart-shaped beads!

I was thinking that this style of pendant would make a lovely gift for someone, if it was made from a sentimental piece of glass. There was a lot of discussions on Saturday about broken glass objects that had too much sentimental value to throw away. Why not get some beads like these little heart shaped beads made with the object, that way you’ll be able to wear them forever!

(Just an idea)!

Recycled glass necklace | heart-shaped pendant made from a wine bottle