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First Necklaces



I remember clearly the day I started making jewellery.  I had seen a pair of earrings in the local dress shop, but absolutely could not afford them.  But wanted them so badly!  I looked at them again, thinking that maybe, just maybe I could make them.

The thought stuck with me until we went to Adelaide next time, and I asked mum if we could go to a craft shop to buy some things to make jewellery with.  I think that I spent more money in that shop than what the earrings were worth!  I couldn’t wait to go home and make some earrings.  Coming from a crafty family, it wasn’t too difficult to work it out.

First time I wore the earrings, I got compliments.  “Where did you get those earrings?”  I made them myself.  “Do you make necklaces?”  Well, no, but I probably could.

But where to start?  I needed beads, and lots of them.  I started at the local opp-shops.  Found lots of necklaces I could cut up and use the beads.  Above is the first couple of necklaces I made.  Strung on dental floss (because it’s so strong), they are still quite pretty necklaces.

I started thinking about this as I get ready for my next exhibition “Upper Glass”.  An exhibition of jewellery featuring recycled glass made into beads, and other up-cycled components.  I’ve been collecting, and also been given, a variety of glass over the past few years.  Ranging from beer and wine bottles, to Green Depression Glass, and all sorts of other glass objects, I am turning these old wares into beautiful glass beads to be incorporated into my jewellery pieces.  Along the way I have also found myself accumulating a selection of all sorts of other bits and pieces that I am also using in the jewellery…from vintage sequins to seed beads and old copper to biscuit tins!  Part of the fun of the exhibition will be discovering what “old” things have been used to create these beautiful new pieces.

 Back to the opp-shops, and learning new ways of making jewellery.  I’m happy to report that none of my new range will be strung on dental floss!