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Gratitude Giveaway 1

Question: What is the name of the Adelaide-based business that is run by the artists?

Answer: T’Arts – Textile and Arts Collective

I first met a few T’Arts at the Rundle Street Markets.  They looked at my work, and encouraged me to apply to become a member of the collective.  I had walked past T’Arts many times, been inside on several occasions too, and absolutely loved the gallery/shop.  Secretly I wanted to be part of this!  But I didn’t know that they also wanted me to be a part of it!

Being an artist-run collective it came with some financial and work responsibilities, and I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to make it work.

Luckily, my “real job” at the time was fairly flexible, so I negotiated a day off every 2 weeks so that I could do my shift at T’Arts.  Working in there gave me a great insight into what people liked about my work, and the other members too.

This collective has allowed me to grow as an artist in so many ways.  Being an active member of the gallery, and helping with the running of it has also taught me a lot about being in business.

Thank you T’Arts!