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Gratitude Giveaway 2

Question: What was the first collection of AussieJules jewellery that was stocked in Urban Cow Studio?

Answer: My Kandinsky collection!

There’s a great story behind this question.  And it really highlights my gratitude to Urban Cow and the great people who work there.

Urban Cow are a gift shop on Frome Street in Adelaide.  It’s a beautiful gift shop, and again a place where I had dreamed about having my work stocked!  I remember putting it on my wish list one year, and after seeing their call for artists I decided to email them to see if I was suitable.

Georgia invited me in for a “chat” and to look at my work up close.  I took in about 10 assorted “Kandinsky” pieces (necklaces, pendants, earrings), and she agreed to take them all, and straight away.  I was thrilled!  I wrote up an invoice and handed it all over to them.

A week later I saw my work in there, displayed beautifully and I was so proud.  But it didn’t sell.  Georgia assured me that people needed to see it a few times before they would buy it, but it seriously took a couple of months before I sold anything in the shop.  I was disheartened by it all to be honest.

I did sell a few pieces eventually, and I listened to what the team had to say about my work.  What things their customers were suggesting.  Some of it I took on board, and some of it I didn’t, but after a while my jewellery started selling there more regularly.

I am so very grateful to Urban Cow for believing in my work, for giving me honest feedback so I could improve my work, and for continuing to work with me in order to make sure I have my best work in there, and it is displayed beautifully.

Thank you!