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Gratitude Giveaway 5 – The final giveaway

Thanks for stopping by, it’s been a great week filled with lots of gratitude and giveaways!

Congratulations to everyone who has managed to win something.

Today’s post is a little different.  I have so many businesses/organisations that I am grateful for, so I am going to add 6 of them to my final post, and that will make a nice list of 10.

So, recapping:

1. T’Arts Collective – being part of a collective has helped me to grow as an artist, and also to understand more about being in business.

2. Urban Cow – selling my work in a very successful gift shop/gallery has generated a lot of constructive feedback on my work, helping me to improve.

3. Jam Factory – ensuring my work is of the highest quality.

4. SALA – allowing me to have a solo exhibition every year!

Now, for the new entries:

5. International Society of Glass Beadmakers – being able to attend their annual conference was an amazing experience.

6. Selonj – an awesome bead shop in Adelaide who have always gone out of their way to help me.

7. Rundle Street Markets – gave me an opportunity to get my work in front of lots of people every weekend for several years.

8. Etsy – a trusted platform for selling online, it has enabled me to open my own store.

9. Regional Art Galleries – thank you for stocking my work in your galleries.

10. My family!  I know, not a business or an organisation, but without them supporting me the way they do, I would definitely not be able to do what I do!