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Gratitude Giveaway 4

Question: I am thinking of a letter this time, what do you think it is?

Answer: S

S is for SALA.  SALA stands for South Australian Living Artists.  According to their website: “SALA is an innovative open access visual arts festival presenting thousands of artists through unique collaborations and exhibitions in hundreds of exhibition spaces throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia.”

When I first heard about SALA I thought….oh, I don’t think so, no, not for me….

And then I visited a bunch of exhibitions that were held that year, and I started thinking…maybe next year!

The following year (2008) I just went for it.  Organised a venue, made a lot of beads and a ton of jewellery, and exhibited my work at the Mitcham Civic Centre.  It was my first solo exhibition!

What I love about SALA is that absolutely anyone can have an exhibition.  You can have it in a proper gallery, in a cafe, or anywhere else your heart desires!  I have absolutely loved being part of SALA and have participated every year since my first one.

I am so grateful to SALA for being invented.  Without them I honestly couldn’t tell you where my work would be, as each year the festival pushes me to make new things, push new boundaries, exhibit my work in places I would not normally be able to.

I am already thinking about my 2014 SALA exhibition!

Thanks SALA!