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Green with a splash of blue

Beautiful Green Necklace with a splash of blue (handmade glass beads)I have a story to tell with this necklace.  I started making these “drip” style beads quite a few years ago, when a customer asked me if I could make a necklace with that type of bead.  She had a favourite necklace, and she was pretty sad when it broke, but then she found my work in T’Arts and got in touch.  I explained to her that I would be happy to have a look at her necklace, but that I could not promise that I could replicate the work.

When I saw her necklace, I actually wondered if I could do it.  They were definitely beads that I had never made before!  I said I would have a go, and went home to try making them.  It took a few attempts to get it just right.  If the glass is too hot when you start dripping the bead, you end up with a very long and fragile bead!  If the glass is not hot enough, you can’t get it to move at all.  It has to be just right!

I showed the customer what I had made, and she was really happy with the work!  She got to wear her favourite necklace again….and I got to play with a new style of bead!  I love helping customers with these types of requests.

I think these beads look awesome as the feature beads on this range of necklaces I am making at the moment.  They sit perfectly over a round neck t-shirt, and they also look lovely under a shirt.  Just right for this warm weather we are finally having!