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Handmade Silver Chain

I have been a bit obsessed about making my own silver chain recently.  Made from recycled sterling silver, the organic nature of this chain has a huge appeal for me.  I like the recycled chain with my recycled glass beads.  A great story.

Here’s how to make silver chain in 10 easy steps:

  1. Wind silver wire around a round object many, many times
  2. Cut individual silver “links”
  3. File the ends of the silver links so you get a clean joint
  4. Solder the first link
  5. Solder the next link, continue soldering links until you reach the desired length
  6. Using 2 files, shape the links into an organic/leafy shape
  7. Place the finished chain in a solution of vinegar and salt to clean the oxidisation
  8. Tumble the finished chain in a tumbler for an hour
  9. Dry the chain
  10. Add a tiny clasp and wear it!