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Making new jewellery from old jewellery

When I started making jewellery, everything I made was from op-shop jewellery that I had found, pulled apart and put back together!  It was more of a financial than an artistic decision back then (er, it was a lot cheaper to buy a necklace and pull it apart than to buy new beads)!

These days I make my own glass beads.  I’ve been making beads for the past 7 years, and there are times when I make jewellery and it doesn’t work (er, that means it doesn’t sell)!

When that happens I feel like I have a few options.

  1. Persist.  The right person may not have been into the shop to buy it yet!
  2. Move.  Put the pieces into another shop!
  3. Sale.  At the end of the year I actually do put a lot of my prototypes and older pieces on sale!  Stay tuned for that.
  4. Renew.  Take the old jewellery, break it apart, and put it back together in a different way!

So, for example, I took this bracelet:














And I took this necklace:













And I ended up making this extremely funky and cool new necklace that will be perfect for summer!