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Jenny Knight and Lyn Branson

I wanted to share with you a selection of work by Jenny Knight and Lyn Branson.  Jenny is also a member of the Textile and Arts Collective – T’Arts – in Gays Arcade.  This month it is her turn to display her work in the window, and she invited fellow bead enthusiast Lyn Branson to also display some of her work.

Jenny and Lyn are both extremely talented seed-beaders.  They make very unique and original pieces of jewellery, that are exquisite in their details.

What I also like about their work is that they also incorporate some of my beads in amongst what they are creating.  I love it when people use my beads in their designs, and both Jenny and Lyn use my beads in ways that I never could.

Enjoy the photos below, and if you would like to have a closer look at any of their work, it will be on display at T’Arts until Saturday July 27.

Work by Jenny

Jenny Knight Water Lily series

Jenny Knight asymmetrical series


Work by Lyn

Lyn Branson Gum Leaf series

Lyn Branson Gum Flower series

Lyn Branson Gum Flower series

Lyn Branson Poppy series

Lyn Branson purple flower series