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Melbourne Trip – part 3

OK, I promise this will be the final instalment of the trip to Melbourne!  We had a really wonderful weekend away, and I saw some amazing art while my husband took the kids to the zoo (and yes, he has received the husband of the year medal).

The other contemporary jewellery galleries I visited were: Pieces of Eight and e.g. etal.  It was awesome to see the work of people I have read about or seen in books or on websites in the flesh!

And then there was Craft.  What a great place for celebrating all things related to craft!  There were 4 exhibitions on while I was there.  These pictures are from my favourite one by Ben Taranto.  He has used glass to create these sculptures.  Glass he has found.  I thought it was really cool, similar but very different to what I do with glass!

IMG_3783 IMG_3785