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Melbourne Trip – part 2

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Our trip to Melbourne on the weekend coincided with the LAST day of the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary jewellery exhibition.  This was at the beautiful Gallery Funaki.

To say that I was pretty happy to see this gallery and exhibition would be an understatement!  I was thrilled.  The gallery is so beautiful.  So Melbourne!  Tucked away in a little laneway, it’s quite a small gallery, but perfect for what it has to display.

The exhibition was incredible.  Thought provoking for me.  It was great to see such quality items and even be able to touch some of them!

I spent a lot of time looking at the exhibition, and also looking at the bookshop.  They had books that you cannot buy in bookshops.  Books you cannot even buy from the book depository!  I had a great time flicking through all of the books, and choosing a few of my favourites to take home with me!

I’ll share some more photos tomorrow.