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Nearly sale time…

Around this time every year I have a look at the jewellery that I have on hand: some of the jewellery returned from consignment shops after they have been refreshed, some from exhibitions, and some experiments.  I spend a bit of time thinking about whether to take them to markets or whether to put them in different galleries, or whether to sell them online.  It’s kind of tough.  Most of the time I just think “I’ll put them on the Sale Table at T’Arts, and whatever doesn’t sell, then I’ll think about what to do with that.”

So, this year there is, for some unknown reason, an abundance of earrings!  Not so many necklaces.  Not sure if I’ll find any bracelets yet.  I haven’t quite finished getting things ready, but here is a sneak peak of the earrings that I have got ready:

Sale Table 2015

The sale starts on Saturday, December 26 at 10.00am.  T’Arts is located in Gays Arcade, off the Rundle Mall in Adelaide.  The sale will finish after about 2 weeks.