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On my walk this morning…

I’ve been thinking about 2015 a lot.  The good, and the not so good things.  It’s been helping me to think about what I want to do in 2016.

2015 was actually a pretty good year, I can’t complain.  We moved to Murray Bridge, and that has worked out so well for us that we ended up buying a house here.

I was most pleased with the following things from 2015:

  • Window Artist of the Month for January/February at Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery
  • “Resonate” group exhibition at Gallery M
  • Finalist in Reart International Upcycle exhibition
  • SALA solo exhibition at City Library – “Fleur Verre”
  • SALA group exhibition at Pepper Street Art Centre – “Renew”
  • Nominated for a Brand SA Regional award
  • Kirra Galleries “Flame On” exhibition
  • Work selected for Canberra Glassworks gallery shop
  • Finalist in the Mansfield Art Glass Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

It’s lovely to reflect on what has happened this year.  Now I can’t wait to start dreaming about the future!

Morning Walk