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New jewellery tags



These were the “old” tags I used for my jewellery.  They worked well.  I used Moo to create the tags, and the quality was perfect for that job.

When I went to make them again, they had taken this particular way of making mini text cards out of their range!  I couldn’t even re-order the cards, everything had changed.

Oh no, what to do?

It took me a long time to come up with this new style of Mini Card (see below).  On one side is a pattern, and next time I think I will use my own design.  On the other side is my business name, people can use that to search for me on the internet.

What I really like about the new design is that I’ll use the red cards for my Italian glass range, and the blue cards for my Recycled glass range.  I think they’ll work well.