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On my walk this morning….


  1. I am looking forward to doing A Boutique Design Life Market on Sunday.
  2. I am pleased that the exhibition at Gallery M went well in the end.  I wasn’t sure if I would get all of that work finished.
  3. I am crocheting a blanket!  I’ll show you when it gets a bit more interesting.
  4. I am loving the new morning walk I have found: down to the river, back through some wetlands, and then down a road where the dog can go off leash.  Perfect.
  5. I am applying for all sorts of different markets in and around Adelaide. Stay tuned for details.
  6. I am happy to be living in Murray Bridge.  It ticks so many boxes: close to family, close to Adelaide, very easy living.
  7. I am thrilled with the new swing tags for my jewellery.  I’ll show you soon.
  8. I am feeling a bit disorganised.  Time to start a list!
  9. I am not sure what to start reading.  I put several books on hold at the library and they have all come in at the same time!  Still Alice?  Kill Order?  Useful?
  10. I am content.