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Old School Flower Beads in Blue/Green


I used to make LOTS of this type of flower bead.  In all sorts of colours.  And then one day, I just stopped making them.  My husband asked me why, and I didn’t really have an answer for him.  I guess I just moved on to new and different beads.

But, I love making these beads, and I’m always delighted with how they turn out!  So, when I needed to plan some “new” work for the Little Treasures exhibition at Pepper Street Gallery I immediately thought of these!  It has been a long time since I have made any, and I can’t wait to make the jewellery for the exhibition.

Opens: 2.00PM Sunday 23 November 2014
Closes: 12.00PM Wednesday 24 December 2014
Where: Pepper Street Arts Centre, 558 Magill Road, Magill, SA, 5072