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Online Shopping – do you do it?

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I buy a lot of things online, but I rarely buy jewellery (for obvious reasons)!

I have bought shoes online with no problems.  I have bought books online, same result.  I have not bought any clothes online yet.  I really do like to try things on before I buy them (I’m old school that way).

So, I know it can be quite a scary process.  To put your trust in someone you may or may not know to deliver the product that you bought.  You can only tell via the photographs and the descriptions what the product might look like.  It can be a worry…what if it doesn’t measure up when you get it?

That’s why I wanted to show you some of my reviews on Etsy so that you can SEE what people think of my work, when they have received it.  I have been really happy with the reviews that I have seen coming through, no one has sent anything negative, so I am guessing that I must be sending people what they expected!

But the best part about buying from someone like me is that I am not happy unless you are happy with your purchase.  So, if you have any problems at all, you can always contact me and we’ll work out what to do about it.

Feel free to email me if you do have any concerns about any products.  I am happy to answer your questions.