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Op shopping

Every now and then I go on a mission to find a particular type of glass.  It might be Green Depression Glass, or white glass (which is really hard to find by the way), or like the other day I was on a mission to find non-matching sets of glasses.

These non-matching sets of glasses are also known as Harlequin Glass.  They were really popular in the 1950’s.  It can be tricky to get a complete set of 6 glasses, and more often than not you’ll find at most 5 glasses left in the set.

I didn’t mind what I found.  I had an idea for a necklace in my mind, and I needed the glass to make it happen!

So, I visited all of the Op Shops in Murray Bridge, and managed to find a few assorted glasses.  I was really pleased with what I found, but wondered if I might be able to find some more on a trip to Mount Barker.  Like I said, I was on a mission!

We tried a couple of Op Shops before I found one with THE most helpful volunteer I’ve ever found.  She was more than happy to look out the back to see if she could find what I was looking for.

Success, she found a mis-matched set of 5 shot glasses.  The colours were great, but the glasses were quite small.  Still, it was better than nothing.

“I’ll take them,” I said.  “Don’t worry too much about wrapping them.”

She was a bit taken aback with that comment.  “You’re going to smash them, aren’t you?”

I smiled.  “Yes, I am.”

“Well, if you like recycled glass you have to take a look at this great exhibition at the City Library that is on at the moment.  It’s part of SALA.  The artist has made all of these beads from recycled glass, you should see some of the colours.”

I smiled again.  “That’s actually my work.”

True story!

We talked for a little bit longer, while she told me what her favourite jewellery was from the exhibition, and where all of the Op Shops were in Mount Barker!

Harlequin glass, incomplete sets.  I'll use these to make glass beads