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Pepper Street Arts Centre – Artist on site

Recycled glass necklace | beads made from various glass objects

Yesterday I was the artist on site at Pepper Street Arts Centre. I wasn’t able to take my torch to do live demonstrations, but I did have a video for everyone to watch so they could get a bit of an idea of what is involved with making beads from recycled glass. I also had my tools with me, and I was happy to answer any questions that people had.

I have to say we had a lovely afternoon there!

I asked everyone who visited to help me with my daily making project. They each got to pick a bead from my collection of recycled glass beads, and I have to admit I was getting more and more nervous as beads were added to the collection! There were some interesting picks, and I knew that I would have to do something outside of my comfort zone!

By the time I got home I had put the beads together in my head a few different ways, so it was nice to get home and actually try out one of the ways that was different to how I would normally work.

This is the finished piece. I added two beads to the necklace to give it a little bit of balance. Otherwise, this is all thanks to the lovely visitors that made their way to Pepper Street Arts Centre yesterday. (The link takes you to some photographs of the event).

Recycled glass necklace | beads made from various glass objects