Pretty colour combinations

I think I might have mixed feelings about mixing colours! On the one hand, I love it and I love wearing mixed colours. I am sitting here with a jumper that has a blue/black striped middle section, and purple/pink stripes on one sleeve, and yellow/grey stripes on the other sleeve.

On the other hand…well, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and you kind of have to be a bit careful about how you do it. Or maybe that’s just my thoughts on it, which are not totally valid, because I haven’t really tested them too much.

So, I am trying to stretch my ideas about mixing colours by putting together some combinations of colours that I wouldn’t normally put together. Yesterday’s earrings are a great example of that stretch!

Today I thought I would stretch again by putting some bright blue (Bombay Sapphire Gin) beads back with some pretty purple beads. ¬†Hmmm….I quite like this. It’s pretty and fresh, and different.

Recycled glass earrings | contrasting beads made from wine and gin bottles