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purple green glass necklace

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but after a long day at T’Arts and then coming home to my family…it just didn’t happen. Here it is…

Today I worked at T’Arts. I love my days in the shop, sometimes they are really busy, and sometimes they can be quiet, depending on the weather and other things that might be happening. Today it was a bit of both, which meant I had time to mess around with my display, and I had time to make some things, and I had time to serve customers too!

I was sitting down to make my recycled glass jewellery challenge piece, and was a bit cross with myself for not having anything planned for today. Why?? It would have made my life so much easier. Anyway, I was looking at the recycled glass beads that I had brought with me, and I was looking at some jewellery on display, and I thought….”why not take that bracelet apart and do something else with it?”

I had been super keen to make another necklace with my enamelled copper tubes, and I seemed to have a nice little selection of green and purple beads, so this is what I ended up making! Hooray for serendipity, because I definitely would not have made this if things hadn’t aligned the way they had.

purple green glass necklace