Sketches to reality!

I always carry a notebook and my phone with me, so its really easy to capture ideas throughout my day/week. Sometimes I will sketch the idea in my notebook, other times I might take a photo of something because I like the shape or the colour of it.

Let’s just say that when it comes to making pendants I have had lots of ideas, and drawn lots of sketches, but….not much in terms of making. I often wonder what is stopping me from making things like pendants. I think I often want to get it just right in my head before I pick up the wire and beads. Today I must have tried at least six ways of making this pendant before I finally settled on this:

recycled glass pendant necklace

And I have to confess, I was quite excited when I finished it!  The beads in this necklace were all made from a Banrock Station wine bottle.

I have other items where this is also the case, and I am going to “just make them” at some stage too. What’s the worst that can happen??