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More custom flower earrings


Your custom made earrings can be made to look like these beads, where the inside of one flower is the petals on the other flower (and vice-versa).  Or you can have both flowers the same (can you picture 2 of the beautiful coral flowers).

Then choose your favourite flower for the pendant.

So pretty for spring.

Check out the Shop section of my website for more details.

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Custom Flower Earrings and Pendants


I had so much fun making these custom flower earrings this week, that I thought I would offer a special deal to everyone.

Simply head to my online shop, and order a custom made pair of earrings or a pendant (or both, if you like matching things)!

Let me know what colours you would like:

  • the centre part of the flower
  • the dots in the middle of the flower
  • the petals on the flower
  • and if you would like the flowers to be the same of different for the earrings!

I’m looking forward to seeing what colour combinations you come up with!

As always, free shipping from my website.

Oh, and if you run into any problems during the checkout process, simply email me at and I’ll help you out.