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Recycled Glass Beads

I am working with another artist, making the beads that she needs for her art exhibition.  When she was picking out some beads the other day, she asked “I don’t suppose you could make any of these in pink or red or purple?”

To be honest, those colours are the rarest colours when it comes to recycled glass.  I can get loads of different shades of green and blue, brown and clear are easy too.  But pink, red and purple are tricky.

But, those were colours that she wanted for her project, and she wanted recycled glass, so I had to come up with something.  This is what I came up with:

Wine Bottle Beads, dipped in frit and then dripped!

Wine bottle glass dipped in frit and then dripped!  I have not shown them to Naomi yet, but I really hope she likes them.

I can see a lot of possibilities for my own work with these beads.  So pretty!  I think I might even incorporate them into one of my upcoming exhibitions.  So pleased!