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My favourite necklace this week….


This is my favourite necklace this week.  I made the etched beads for my Home-Wear exhibition last year, but never got around to using them.  Then I saw that I needed some new work at Tarts (thanks to everyone who has been in to buy something from there), and I looked through all of my beads, and just loved this colour way.  There is something really special about the etched glass beads, and with the sparkly silver, it is extra special.

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Etched Glass Beads


I’m just going to quietly say that these necklaces have become:

  1. My favourite style of necklace to make!
  2. A very popular necklace to buy this December!

I made 12 more necklaces yesterday to send to the Jam Factory (Rundle Plaza Store), and when I was finished I actually wanted to keep them all!  I guess I am just going to have to make myself one now.  The etched beads feel so nice, and because the necklace sits a bit lower, they are perfect with all sorts of clothes that I am wearing right now.