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Stephen Skillitzi – exhibition at Gallery M

Gallery M invitation pix

Life?? It’s complicated!!

Yes, I agree, it’s even complicated telling you the story about this exhibition, and where I fit in.  Maybe I’ll just start at the very beginning!

  1. When I joined T’Arts in 2007, Stephen Skillitzi was also a member.
  2. Stephen left T’Arts a couple of years later, and continued working in his own studio.  He is a rather spectacular glass artist, you might have see his work in the Jam Factory?
  3. Stephen organised an exhibition with Gallery M, using half of their gallery space.  He contacted another glass artist at T’Arts to see if we might be keen to take on the other half.
  4. So now we get to exhibit in the same gallery together!  It’s very cool.

Here’s a little about what you can expect from Stephen’s exhibition:

For a plant to emerge a seed must first die! Hence renewals … often unplanned/unconfined, be they Vegetal or Human…. are crucial for generational change.  The Skillitzi artworks’ quasi-chronological titles hint at only one potential avenue for the contemplative viewer. Indeed, mature-aged musings tease out multi-leveled, tangential and often confusingly-complex lessons, retrospectively.

Here sundry regenerating mixed-media Glass/Metal dioramas set out naturalistic scenes for didactic life-relevant scenarios… so feel free to ‘navel-gaze’.

Passive but convoluted land/seascapes are peppered with lifeforms.  Fish, birds, plants unconsciously migrate throughout their three-dimensional environments… we Homo Sapiens do likewise but with cerebral evaluations perhaps over-cooked.  Sculpture echoes a life lived!

I’m really looking forward to seeing Stephen’s exhibition, and I’ll be featuring each of the artists from the Resonate Exhibition over the next few weeks.

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What’s next?


I am working on some new beads and jewellery for a group exhibition at Gallery M.  It is called “Resonate” and features work from Ivana Di Stasio, Cindy Durant, Sheryl Glassmith and myself.  We all work with glass primarily, so there will be lots of glass on display.

I am focusing on recycled glass: a few different varieties of glass, and a few different styles of necklaces and earrings.

I will let you know about opening nights soon!  Yes, there are 2 openings for this exhibition.