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Getting ready for “Be-Gin Again” exhibition

recycled glass earrings

I am right in the middle of getting ready for my exhibition at Local Images. The design process often takes the longest (it certainly has this time). After I’ve gone through that I have loads of beads to make, and then the easy part is making the jewellery!

I have been trying very hard to make sure the pieces in this exhibition are a little bit different from my usual style of jewellery, and I think it’s starting to come together nicely (fingers crossed).

This pair of earrings was made from Hendricks Gin and Fever-Tree tonic bottles, and the copper tube was enamelled with red/purple enamels.

These earrings actually look great with a range of different coloured clothing. They are not too red, nor are they too black and white in colour. The mix of colours means they will work with black and white, red, pink, purple, and grey clothes. Hmm, that basically sums up my winter wardrobe.

recycled glass earrings