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A brief history of Depression Glass

depression glass

A brief history of Depression Glass: it was manufactured in the 1920s to 1940s and was essentially given away in an attempt to stimulate the sale of various products or services and to subsequently stimulate the economy during the Great Depression. Many colours were produced, but green, pink, light blue and amber are the easiest to find. Highly collectible since the 1960s. In this photo I have used pink and green Depression glass. (The blue is Harlequin glass).

depression glass

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Colour of the Week – Green Depression Glass

I thought I would take a month to write about my favourite recycled glass colours!

It all started with Green Depression Glass!  I had never used recycled glass to make beads, it hadn’t even occurred to me, until it was time to come up with a brilliant idea for SALA 2009!  It was around the time of the Global Financial Crisis.  My daughter, Ciara, had just been born.  There was a lot of talk about the next Great Depression!  I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like for our family to live through that.

I have always loved Green Depression Glass, the colour is simply beautiful and very reminiscent of that era.  It also has a great story.  It was used in the Great Depression as a stimulus for the economy!

I put one idea with another….and my Anti-Depression Glass exhibition was created!  I exhibited this work at Lustre Galleries for the month of SALA.  I had (from memory) 9 different collections of work.  My favourite collection was the jewellery made from a Green Depression Glass platter.

You will see in the photographs below, the different types of Green Depression Glass jewellery that I have made.  Some of the photographs are of current work that is available, so if you would like to purchase any, simply click on the photograph.  I am taking you to my Etsy shop at the moment because I have a special 30% discount in there.  Simply use the code FLASH30 when you check out.

Long earrings.  Handmade glass beads made from a Green Depression Glass Platter  A Green Depression Glass platter was used to make the beautiful beads in this necklace.