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On my walk this morning…

Morning Walk Inspiration

This morning I am feeling grateful:

  • I had an amazing day at Red Poles Sea and Vine Festival Pop-Up Market on Saturday.  I shared a gazebo with 2 other lovely artists, and we spent the quiet parts of the day chatting, eating cheese platters and maybe indulging in one glass of bubbles!
  • I am grateful for my husband, supporting me in the business I choose to run, and looking after the kids when I have to work.  Seriously lucky.
  • I am doing a great course at the moment on wholesaling my products, and I am extremely grateful for all of the information, new ideas, and actions that I am taking as a result.  I have no idea where all of this will end up, but it’s exciting!
  • Thanks for the orders that have come through for the new colour of the month jewellery.  I took some of it to the markets, and it got a really great response.  Thank you.

And a big thanks to you for reading my blog!