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Recycled glass beads | design ideas, earrings or necklaces?

I thought about design a LOT while I was away. Often what I share with the world is a finished and polished product that is ready to purchase. What you don’t always get to see are the sketches, the prototypes, the changes of direction, the tweaking that goes on behind the scenes. Things that might turn an idea for a pair of earrings into a necklace, things that might mean it’s back to the drawing board, things that might mean I put the piece aside for a bit longer.

I made these beads before I went away and today I had a chance to think about the possibilities in all of them. Drawing board? Necklace? Put aside? You will have to wait and see!

Beads made from a Bethany Winery chardonnay bottle.

Recycled glass beads | design ideas, earrings or necklaces?

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Nearly 6 years ago I made a really pretty necklace for my “Anti-Depression Glass” exhibition.  I only ever made one of them, even though I really liked it, and it sold.  I am not sure why I was reluctant to make more, but I think it probably had something to do with how tricky they are to make!

I did feature it on my website for a while though, and a lovely lady contacted me to ask me if it would be possible to make something similar for her.  I had almost forgotten about the necklace and how tricky it was to make….so I agreed to try to make another one.

So, this picture is of the first prototype of that necklace.  It’s really pretty, but it’s not quite right yet.  So, I am going to have another try at making the necklace, with just the paler beads on it, and with a few more beads on the chain so that they sit both ways.  I can’t exactly remember how I did the last necklace, so it’s all a bit trial and error until I get it right.

I know some people would be reluctant to ask me to do this, but I am actually really enjoying the process with this customer.  I enjoy trying new (old) things, and making jewellery that is just right.  And when I do get this necklace right, it will be worn at a wedding in England…how lovely is that?