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Milk Glass

milk glass necklace

Quite a few years ago I had a special request from a customer to make some beads for her with “opaque white glass that was recycled”.

At the time I said to her that seemed like it could be a difficult thing for me to do, as I wasn’t sure where to even find this type of glass!

I ventured to the local secondhand market and found a lovely white cup which was slightly damaged. I asked the person selling it what it was made from and was told “Milk Glass”.

Well, I still don’t know a lot about milk glass, but I do know that when I melt it, it makes really pretty beads. They have a bit of a lustre to them that makes them look really lovely.

Milk glass is super hard to melt, probably taking the longest of all the glasses to melt with my torch, hence I only made 5 test beads for this necklace! I was really happy with how the colour turned out though….so there may be more to come at some stage!

milk glass necklace

milk glass goblet