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The Colour Purple – with Yellow

This is part of a series of posts about colour.  This month I am focusing on the colour purple.

Purple and yellow necklace by Julie Frahm (handmade glass beads) Yellow Purple Necklace by Julie Frahm


This colour combination is awesome.  There is something really modern and also really funky about it.

I had planned to make some new necklaces to show on the blog, but unfortunately this week, life got in the way a little bit, so I have ended up using photographs of some necklaces that I made last year (sorry about that).

Both of those necklaces have sold, so it made me realise that….yes, I should make some more necklaces with these colour combinations!  Darn it!  When I get some new work made, I’ll be sure to put an update on the blog.

I’ve really enjoyed looking at the colour purple, and the colours that it works really well with.

Next month, the colour of the month is BROWN!  I will be doing things a little bit differently next month, and will hopefully be a little more organised!