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Colour Play – Earrings #1

Last year I was thinking that while I love the earrings that I make, it was probably time to make some new ones.  I resolved to spend time every day drawing earrings, and in particular my goal was to draw one pair every day!

It has been a great habit to get into, and I have managed to draw at least one pair of earrings every day.  I know I’ll never make some of these earrings, but it has been a great habit to develop, and something I’ll be able to look back on for years to come (hopefully)!  I’m still going too, so who knows what else will pop out.

This series for Colour Play was inspired by my drawings, and the realisation that I actually needed to make some earrings!  I decided to make this selection with recycled glass, and I tried hard to keep the beads simple, and the earrings all a bit different.

This first set of earrings have a lot of movement!  The first pair is made from a Coopers Ale beer bottle, and the second pair is from a clear Banrock Station wine bottle.  Both earrings have one contrasting bead embellished with pixie dust.

Check out my shop for more details.  Please note the Coopers Ale earrings have sold.