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View from my studio…

Oh, hello!  I’m just finishing my coffee and social media obligations, and then I’m jumping on the torch to make as many beads in one day as I possibly can!  I’m always limited by the space in the kiln, and the number of mandrels I have ready to go…and sometimes, when both are running low, it can be frustrating when I still have lots of beads to make.  I hope to make a solid dent in the bead-making list today!

This is a busy week of gallery top-ups, and also playing with some more new ideas for an exhibition that I will be part of at Red Poles.  The exhibition runs through June and July, and I’ll have more information on it in a separate post soon.

Thanks to everyone who visited me at the Hahndorf Academy Market on Sunday.  It was a lovely day (a little bit cold at times), and it was lovely to see what items you were all loving.  It looks like I need to make lots more of the stud earrings going forward!