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Colour Play – Earrings #2

Continuing on from last week, I really loved taking one of my designs, and changing it slightly so that I was able to make two really different pairs of earrings.

I usually make the square earrings with both the front and the back the same length, being 5cm.  For the first pair of earrings – the ones made from a Moet champagne bottle – I made the front of the earrings 3cm, and the back is 5cm.  I love the colour of this glass, it’s perfect for winter, and goes perfectly with reds, blacks and greys.

The second pair of earrings were made from a Green Depression Glass plate.  Another great glass, this time I made the earrings at the front and the back 3cm long.  Nice for winter, they are less likely to catch on your scarf, if you are wearing one!

Again, feel free to check out my shop for more details.