Days like today…

On days like today, when there are a million things to do, it would be easy to say “I don’t have time to make a piece of jewellery.” Trust me, I thought about it. But sometimes that’s the reason to drag my butt over to the desk where I make jewellery, sit myself down, and start looking through all of the beads I have made. Today, I was drawn to the blue beads, and I wondered what I could make that didn’t take too much time, but was still nice, and used my beads in different ways. Today I started picking through the cobalt blue Skyy Vodka bottle beads, wondering if I needed to add any other colours, when I realised I might have enough for a bracelet. I love how this one came together. Both the actual bracelet, and the massive push to sit down and make something. It reminds me of why I am doing this daily making project. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!

recycled glass bracelet featuring beads made from a Skyy Vodka bottle