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Grateful Giveaway 3

Question: I’ve picked a number between 1 and 100, guess it correctly to win, and then I’ll tell you why I’ve picked that number.

Answer: 41.  The Jam Factory has been operating for 41 years now!

The Jam Factory is an iconic art destination in Adelaide.  It opened in 1973 in a different location, but now you can find it in Morphett Street in the city.  They also have a retail outlet in Rundle Plaza in the Mall.

In 2009 I entered my SALA exhibition into the Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Awards.  The exhibition was “Anti-Depression Glass” and explored the use of recycled glass to make beads, and jewellery.

I was shortlisted as a finalist, and was so ridiculously nervous on the night of the award ceremony, wondering if I had possibly won the award!  Well, I didn’t win the award, but I did win a meeting with the retail manager who invited me to stock my work in their retail outlet!

I am so very grateful to the Jam Factory for recognising something in my work, and for working with me to ensure my work is of the highest standards for the shop.

Green Depression Glass
Green Depression Glass