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I did not set out to make these earrings…

recycled glass earrings

…but I’m glad I did!

I had in my mind a slightly more complicated pair of earrings, and when I started putting THEM together it was like “this is all wrong!”  I have to keep in mind that I can be a fairly harsh critic of my work, but I still have to be pleased with what I make.

I also didn’t have a huge amount of time to spend on this project today. And when I’m worried about things like that it kind of helps me to push most of my thoughts out of my head, and just go with a certain type of flow.

This morning I simply said “what if” when I picked up these beads. I did try adding crystals and spacers in between, but decided that simple was best. The brown beads are from a Coopers Ale beer bottle (lightly etched) and the blue bead on top is from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle. The bead in between is from a wine bottle decorated with frit (smashed up glass).

And that is a rather long story of how I made a pair of earrings this morning!

recycled glass earrings