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My new obsession

I think it’s safe to say that making bracelets is my new obsession! So here is a little story about bracelets…

Last year, just before Christmas, I was asked several times if I had any bracelets for sale. I replied that I had a few, but not many, as I was finding them “difficult” to make.

What I meant by difficult was a couple of things. First, wrist sizes vary! Yes, there kind of is an average wrist size, but I was finding that most people either wanted that average size bracelet made smaller or larger. And second, I was making them to match in with necklaces. It was frustrating when the necklace would sell, and the bracelet was left behind.

So I kind of stopped making bracelets for a while. But since I have been doing this creative/making challenge, I have found a new passion for making one of a kind bracelets. They don’t need to match a necklace, they can just simply be a beautiful bracelet on their own. I’m loving the freedom in making them.