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Great selection of etched glass bead jewellery by Julie FrahmBlack and white handmade glass bead jewellery by Julie FrahmColour Wheel jewellery by Julie Frahm

I had to pick my work up from a little shop in Adelaide recently.  It was a tough decision, but with so many time constraints upon me, I just had to focus my energy in areas that were working.  I hadn’t sold any work in this little shop for many months, and I couldn’t find the energy to make more work in an attempt to increase sales there.  There was nothing wrong with the work that was there, it was just time to pack it up.

When it came time to look at the work that had been packed up, I was feeling very nostalgic.  It was work from the last few years of exhibitions that I have done.  The top photo was from my 2014 SALA exhibition.  The middle and bottom photos were from my 2013 Colour Wheel exhibition.  I loved putting those exhibitions together.  For both exhibitions I tried new things, some of which worked well, some not so well.

Looking at this old work from past exhibitions, reminded me to keep trying new things.  That is the point of exhibitions really.  It is lovely when the work you do resonates with people and they buy it, of course it is.  But more importantly for me is the making of new work.  The extra time I can spend dwelling on design, creating a cohesive exhibition of work, is worth it.  I love this time of year, a time to ferment and plan and plot out ideas for my next exhibition(s).  I can’t wait to see what comes out of my head this year for the 2 SALA exhibitions I am part of.

As you can tell, I loved seeing this old work again!  I will be taking it to markets in the near future, but if there is anything here that you like the look of, please send me an email.