SALA 2018

I have now delivered all of the work for 4 SALA exhibitions! I’m really pleased with all of the work I have created for these exhibitions. I hope you get a chance to visit some of them during August.

Here are the details of the exhibitions:

  1. “Waste not, want not” now showing at Pepper Street Arts Centre on Magill Road. I have a series of Gin and Tonic jewellery on display there.
  2. “Celebrate” a group exhibition at T’Arts Gallery in Gays Arcade, Adelaide. Colourful rainbow inspired jewellery!
  3. “Glasblumengarten” at Bethany Wines, Barossa Valley. An exhibition filled with flower inspired pieces.
  4. “Pattern Clash: waste is a design flaw” opens at The Adelaide Remakery on Friday 3/8 at 6.00pm. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has created!

Recycled glass bracelet | beads made from wine bottles from Bethany Wines