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Exhibition Stress


I am slowly ticking things off my to-do list.  And it was nice to finally see a collection of beads ready to start making jewellery (Bombay Sapphire Gin).  I wish I had made more beads by now, however with everything else that is going on (moving, settling etc), I think I am also lucky to have done as much as I have.

I am grateful for an excellent childcare centre for one day each week, and for Finn still napping solidly in the afternoon.

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Bombay Sapphire Gin


For my exhibition at Gallery M, I am using 5 different types of recycled glass.

  1. Peroni Beer – bright green
  2. Coopers Ale – brown
  3. Banrock Station Wine Bottle – clear
  4. Kronenburg 1664 – cobalt
  5. Bombay Sapphire – bright blue

I have not used a lot of Bombay Sapphire Gin glass in the past, so I am really looking forward to melting some.  It’s a great colour, with a bit more blue than a wine bottle.

I’m looking forward to putting all of these collections together.