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Cool blue recycled glass necklace

upcycled glass necklace

It’s day 5 of my #ayearofrecycledglassjewellery challenge! I’m really loving making all of these new necklaces. I promise I will be making some new earrings very soon for all of the earring lovers out there!

Today I have put together a selection of cool blues, clears and silvery tones. Perfect for such a hot day!  Reminds me that we are going swimming very soon. Stay cool…

upcycled glass necklace

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Recycled Glass Beads

Recycled Glass Beads

I am getting ready for the Flinders Street Market this weekend.  It’s a special event market, where all of the stallholders are making eco-friendly products.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday, from 10-3.  I’m really looking forward to being part of this market again.

I will have a range of recycled glass beads and jewellery available, and I’ll also have some “sale” items.

Hope to see you there!

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Peroni Beer Bottle Jewellery





The beads in this jewellery were made from a Peroni Beer Bottle!

I thought it was kind of funny to use an Italian Beer bottle to make the beads, especially as most glass beadmakers use Italian Glass to make their beads!

So, it started out as a bit of a joke, but I actually really like this green.  Lovely and bright emerald green.

Available now in my Etsy and Ethikl shops.

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Jewellery made from a Clear Beer Bottle





The beads in this range of jewellery were made from a Coopers Clear Beer Bottle!

I love how it has turned out.  The colour is just perfect to wear with anything, and with that little bit of sparkle, you could even find yourself wearing it out at night time (if you are lucky enough to go out at night time)!

Available from my Etsy or Ethikl shops now.

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New Green Depression Glass Jewellery




New Green Depression Glass Jewellery

Green Depression Glass was the first type of recycled glass that I worked with, and I fell in love with it!  The green is so pretty, so soft, and so clear.

I have decorated the beads a little bit to give the necklace and bracelet a really interesting mixture of beads that you’ll find yourself wearing with more than you first thought!   It really is the perfect green for all occasions.

Matching/complementary earrings are also part of the collection.

Items are available in my Etsy and Ethikl stores.

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New Skyy Vodka Jewellery

SkyyBracelet2 SkyyEarrings2 SkyyLongEarrings2SkyyNecklace2


New Skyy Vodka Jewellery!

Available now in my Etsy shop

or in my Ethikl shop

I love the colour of this glass.  It is a pretty cobalt blue, and with the silver embellishments, it makes it a very sparkly bracelet and necklace.

The earrings are perfectly matched, you just need to decide if you prefer the longer or shorter pair.