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A Boutique Life Design Market

Market display at A Boutique Life Design Market

It was my first time attending/being part of A Boutique Life Design Market yesterday, and one of the questions we were asked on our feedback forms was “Did we meet our business objectives?”

At first I thought only in terms of $$.  I did make some sales on the day, but I had thought it might be possible to make more.  It was a bit patchy, but still worth getting out of bed for!

Then I thought:

  • My product was exposed to a thousand new people (I think)
  • I handed out lots of business cards
  • I met lots of nice stallholders
  • I reconnected with a couple of old customers
  • I realised my display wasn’t working so I changed it around at lunch time (when things got quiet)
  • I learned more about doing markets!

Yes, I think I met my business objectives for being part of the market.  I was really happy to be part of it, and hope to be part of it again at some stage.