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When a vase is no longer a vase….

remake, remade, reuse

…the other day my friend Jenny gave me a vase that was no longer able to function as a vase. She thought I might like the glass to make beads with. She thought right!

I actually couldn’t wait to break this vase and start melting beads. I was curious to see how the colour would hold up under the flame. Most of the time glass stays true to its original colour, but sometimes weird things can happen!

I made a bunch of small round beads, just to see how they would turn out. And I was so happy when I opened the kiln and found lots of lovely little yellow beads in there! Such a pretty colour.

Do you have a vase or another glass object at home that is no longer functional? Maybe it has a crack or a chip, or is completely broken? Sometimes these items have sentimental value, and they are hard to throw in the bin. If you would like to have these items remade into a wearable piece of art…please feel free to get in touch. I love making special things for people.

remake, remade, reuse