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On my walk this morning…

Morning Walk 11 May 2015


I nearly didn’t go for a walk this morning!  We had a big weekend visiting our mum’s for Mother’s Day.  I hadn’t slept very well most of the weekend.  So I didn’t set my alarm this morning, because I wanted to get as much sleep as possible.  When I woke up there was still time for a walk, and I’m glad I made the effort.

I’ve got lots to think about at the moment:

  • I was accepted to exhibit at the Adelaide City Library as part of their SALA Festival program.  Opening night will be 31 July.  My exhibition theme is “fleur verre” which means glass flowers in French.  Inspired by French painters, flowers and glass!  All the work will be made from recycled glass sources, and while I have a sketchy idea of what I am going to display, I also have a lot of work to do before the exhibition opens.
  • I was also accepted to exhibit at Pepper Street as part of their SALA Festival program.  The theme of their exhibition is “Renew“, and I will also have a selection of new recycled glass work available.  Again, ideas are floating around in my head for this one, but I will have to properly design it all soon so I can get started on the work.  July will be here before I am ready for it!
  • On Saturday I get to work in T’Arts, which I love!  I enjoy playing around with my display, meeting new customers, and looking at all of the wonderful work in the shop created by the artists who are part of the collective.

Have a great week.