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Online Shopping – do you do it?

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I buy a lot of things online, but I rarely buy jewellery (for obvious reasons)!

I have bought shoes online with no problems.  I have bought books online, same result.  I have not bought any clothes online yet.  I really do like to try things on before I buy them (I’m old school that way).

So, I know it can be quite a scary process.  To put your trust in someone you may or may not know to deliver the product that you bought.  You can only tell via the photographs and the descriptions what the product might look like.  It can be a worry…what if it doesn’t measure up when you get it?

That’s why I wanted to show you some of my reviews on Etsy so that you can SEE what people think of my work, when they have received it.  I have been really happy with the reviews that I have seen coming through, no one has sent anything negative, so I am guessing that I must be sending people what they expected!

But the best part about buying from someone like me is that I am not happy unless you are happy with your purchase.  So, if you have any problems at all, you can always contact me and we’ll work out what to do about it.

Feel free to email me if you do have any concerns about any products.  I am happy to answer your questions.

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12 Days of December


Starting on the 1st of December, I will have 12 special “daily” offers for anyone who wants to shop in my Etsy shop.  Each day I will have a new offer, and that offer will last for 24 hours.

I should mention here, that it is starting to get to the time of year that orders will need to be placed if you want the items before Christmas.  I live in a regional location, so things tend to take an extra day to get anywhere!  So, the last days to place orders are as follows:

Australian Shipping Last Date to Place Ordres for Christmas Delivery: 14 December
International Shipping Last Date to Place Orders for Christmas Delivery: 1 December

Thanks for understanding.

P.S. I’ll make sure the 1st of December special offer is a good one!

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Peroni Beer Bottle – Recycled Glass Bead Jewellery

The beads in this jewellery were made from a Peroni Beer Bottle.  Fantastic green!  Eco-friendly!So, it started as a bit of an ironic idea….making beads from an Italian beer bottle!  But often the ideas that seem a bit silly to start with can end up being the best ones.  Have you ever noticed that?

I love the colour of this glass, the green is so bright and crisp (er, a bit like the beer really).

The Peroni range has been the most popular of my recycled glass pieces on Etsy, and in the shops that stock my recycled range, this past month.


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Yellow Pops with Purple and Grey


OK, I have to confess…I’m starting to like YELLOW!  I have been seeing it everywhere lately.  Home decor shops, clothing shops, spring flowers…everywhere!  I even picked up a yellow top in Target yesterday and wondered…”could I wear this?”

Unfortunately I am not the right colour to wear yellow successfully, but maybe you are?  It works beautifully back with purple and grey.

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Green with a splash of blue

Beautiful Green Necklace with a splash of blue (handmade glass beads)I have a story to tell with this necklace.  I started making these “drip” style beads quite a few years ago, when a customer asked me if I could make a necklace with that type of bead.  She had a favourite necklace, and she was pretty sad when it broke, but then she found my work in T’Arts and got in touch.  I explained to her that I would be happy to have a look at her necklace, but that I could not promise that I could replicate the work.

When I saw her necklace, I actually wondered if I could do it.  They were definitely beads that I had never made before!  I said I would have a go, and went home to try making them.  It took a few attempts to get it just right.  If the glass is too hot when you start dripping the bead, you end up with a very long and fragile bead!  If the glass is not hot enough, you can’t get it to move at all.  It has to be just right!

I showed the customer what I had made, and she was really happy with the work!  She got to wear her favourite necklace again….and I got to play with a new style of bead!  I love helping customers with these types of requests.

I think these beads look awesome as the feature beads on this range of necklaces I am making at the moment.  They sit perfectly over a round neck t-shirt, and they also look lovely under a shirt.  Just right for this warm weather we are finally having!

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New Designs

New Necklaces - still a work in progress... New Necklaces - still a work in progressI have had a lot of fun making some new necklaces this week!  These are still a work in progress, but I am liking this style, with the spiky beads at the bottom of the necklace.  It has been so great to have access to all of my beads in the one place (remember those bead displays I bought earlier this year)?  It has made the process a lot easier and more enjoyable!

I’ll post more photos when they are finished.