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Design Decisions – Part 2

Design Decisions - interesting post about designing a necklaceThe first step in the process for me is to do some drawing.  Luckily for me I knew how the necklace was supposed to look, I just didn’t know what colours I was going to use, or how I was going to use colour, to simplify the design.

I started with the necklace design, and thought “What about if I just use two colours?”  That would definitely keep the design simple.

Next I thought, “What about 3 colours, how would that look?”  I added that to the design ideas.

I could kind of picture the necklaces, but I needed to make the beads in order to realise if they were going to work or not.  So, I went to my studio and picked 3 different rods of glass, and went to work making enough beads to make the 2-colour and 3-colour necklaces.

Tomorrow I will show you how these necklaces turned out.