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Design Decisions – Part 4

A quick recap:

Then I had to work out how to make the most of this design (see below)

Design Decisions - interesting post to read

So, how was I going to make the most of this design?  Well, I took the idea of numbering the beads with the different colours that I was going to use.  That was necklace #1.  And then I just moved along a couple of spaces, and started the numbering at a different bead for necklace #2.  This way, I can make 2 necklaces, and 2 pairs of earrings using the same glass, but they would turn out quite different.

Exhibition work is quite different from production work.  With exhibitions you have a lot of freedom (and usually a lot of time) to play with new ideas.  To try things and see how they work.

With production you have to be a little bit more precise with your work.  You have to make the most time appropriate decisions so that your work ends up “costing” a feasible amount.  Unfortunately it is true what they say “Time is Money.”

I hope you have enjoyed my design decision posts.

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Design Decisions – Part 3

So, in the last post I had determined that I was going to make the beads for both necklaces and see how they turned out.  Well, this is how they both turned out:

Two Tone Necklace with etched glass beads
Two Tone Version
Three Tone Necklace with etched glass beads
Three Tone Version

I am curious about what other people think of these necklaces, but I have to admit that as soon as I laid the beads out, I knew which necklace I preferred!

Yes, it is the necklace with 3 different colours in it.  I like how that extra colour makes the necklace just that little bit more interesting.  It has a little bit of extra colour, without having too much colour like the original necklaces.

Now, to turn that idea into a production item required one more step in my thinking, and I’ll share that with you tomorrow.

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Design Decisions – Part 2

Design Decisions - interesting post about designing a necklaceThe first step in the process for me is to do some drawing.  Luckily for me I knew how the necklace was supposed to look, I just didn’t know what colours I was going to use, or how I was going to use colour, to simplify the design.

I started with the necklace design, and thought “What about if I just use two colours?”  That would definitely keep the design simple.

Next I thought, “What about 3 colours, how would that look?”  I added that to the design ideas.

I could kind of picture the necklaces, but I needed to make the beads in order to realise if they were going to work or not.  So, I went to my studio and picked 3 different rods of glass, and went to work making enough beads to make the 2-colour and 3-colour necklaces.

Tomorrow I will show you how these necklaces turned out.

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Design Decisions – Part 1

Love these simple etched glass necklaces from Julie Frahm

I made these necklaces for my “Home Wear” exhibition this year.  I love the simplicity of them, but I didn’t really intend to make them a production line.

Until one of my stockists asked me if I could make a bunch of them for their shop.

Of course I could!

When I do production runs, I like to make things a bit simpler than what I would do for an exhibition.  So, for example, these necklaces have 9 beads on them, with 8 different colours.  That is a lot of different beads to make, a lot of different glass to use.  I wanted to create something a bit simpler.  Something more sustainable from a production perspective.

So, I started drawing some ideas on paper, and I’ll share with you tomorrow what I am thinking.  This design process will last for a few posts, while I work out what I am going to make!  I hope you enjoy watching some of this creative process.